Monitor Your Business
With Rewaa Cloud-Based POS

Rewaa POS system advantages

Sales management
Inventory management
Save invoices

What makes Rewaa unique is that rewaa system connected to the internet

On-premise POS system

  • Data loss duo to PC failure
  • Requires database setup on PC
  • You must be in the store
  • Only one device
  • Paid
  • Paid
  • Impossible

Cloud-based POS system

  • High in Amazon servers
  • No need to install a program
  • From anywhere
  • unlimited devices
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free


  • Data security
  • Program Installation
  • Account access
  • Number of users
  • Support and maintenance
  • System Updates
  • Integration with other systems
What make us special from other SAS

Free technical support

Connect the branches with the main warehouse

Inventory management

Connect suppliers with their products

Comprehensive and detailed sales reports

Unlimited number of employees

Unlimited POS devices per branch

Issue and save an unlimited number of invoices

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At Rewaa we sell software only, but we can refer you to shops that sell them at a discounted wholesale prices

Currently, the subscription is only annual

The system will update automatically and for free