1.  The term of the contract is one Gregorian calendar year and is renewed automatically unless one of the parties informs that they will not renew it and provide a notice period thirty days before the end of the contract.
  2.  Under this contract, Rewaa Technology Company Ltd. will provide Rewaa POS program which manages the sales within the shops. The services of Rewaa Technology Company Ltd. under this contract are limited to providing programming support without providing any hard pieces or electronic tools unless there is special agreement
  3.  Each party in the contract have the right terminate the contract and they must notify the other party thirty days in advance. The second party may request a backup copy of his sales data if available, in case the second party stores his sales data in the program
  4.  Rewaa Technology Company Ltd. is committed to provide the regular maintenance of the program during the period of the contract, and it to address the faults of software within a period of not more than 48 hours from the time of acknowledgment from the second party
  5.  Customer shall inform Rewaa Technology Company Ltd. of faults by appropriate means, including by e-mail: Support@RewaaTech.comor by calling: 920022031, fault and maintenance department Support@RewaaTech.com or by calling: 920022031, fault and maintenance department.
  6.  The customer shall ensure the proper environment for the work of the program and shall be responsible for any violation of the accepted standards and requirements, for example: the provision of modern computers compatible with the nature of the program, and the provision of high-speed Internet to ensure the effectiveness of the work of the program
  7.  The Customer shall secure the required electronic equipment. If the Customer has entered into an independent agreement with Rewaa Technology Company Ltd. to secure certain equipment, Rewaa Technology Company Ltd. does not guarantee or undertake to maintain it. The term maintenance under this contract does not include the maintenance of any electronic device but is limited to the program mentioned in this contract
  8.  The Parties shall be bound to preserve the secrets they are aware of during the execution of this contract and shall refrain from disclosing any confidential information